The Club

Tampereen Teekkarikamerat (est. 1968) is a club for all photography minded members of TREY.

Our clubroom ("pimiö" / "darkroom") can be found at Hervanta campus Tietotalo cellar's room TA006. Easiest way to find the clubroom, is to start walking to the corridor against Hertsi, then turn left on first glassdoor and descend the stairs down. From Instagram, you can find a video how to get to the clubroom. To see if the clubroom is open, you can ask our virtual mascot MarkkuBot with the command /darkroom. If the clubroom isn't open, you can loan a key from Tietotalo info during opening hours. You must return the key after use, either to the info or its mailbox.

Members have access to our printer, film developers and equipment and possibility to loan photography equipments. More information about joining the club can be found in the membership section. You can pay membership fees and other payments using MobilePay.

You can find the clubs rules here.

Film photography

Analog photography is making it's comeback in our Club. The Club has a few film cameras available to borrow, and you can develop black and white and color negative film in our darkroom. We also sell film and archival sheets. Our friend club Vastavalo offers analog printing black and white images in their darkroom in Kaleva.

Film and other prices:

35mm films Price
Ilford Delta 400 (36 exp) 8,50 €
Ilford FP4+ 125 (36 exp) 7,90 €
120 roll films Price
Kodak Portra 160 10,90 €
Product Price
Color developement (C-41) 2€ / roll
B/W developement free!
Negative sheet 0.2€ / piece


The clubroom has Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 photoprinter, with which you can print up to A2 size. Ask the board for guidance.
Laminating is also possible, up to A3 size.

Printing and laminating prices:

Product Price
10x15 cm print 0.5€
A4 print 2€
A3 print 4€
A2 print 8€
Business card laminating 0.1€
A4 laminating 0.2€
A3 laminating 0.4€