Ask for a Photographer

Need a photographer for your event? Ask us for an offer via email!

Send your request to:

Please mention the following in the request:

  1. What is being photographed?
  2. The date of the shooting with preliminary times
  3. Photography location(s)
  4. Additional needs: e.g. portrait spot, background fabric
  5. Wishes for photographers. Special situations / Important people / special desired things to be photographed.
  6. Contact information: phone number / Telegram.

We mainly photograph student events in Tampere. If you need a photographer for other event, we can forward your message to our event photographers, from which many also photograph private events.

To receive a valid offer, a detailed request for proposal must be sent to the email address mentioned above. Both the request and the offer must be made transparent (CC) to the specified mailing list to be considered valid. Discussions with individual persons do not yet obligate the TT-kamerat ry.